About Us


If you are looking for a law firm dedicated to its clients, look no further than The Law Offices of Daniela McCalla, LLC.  The firm focuses its practice on providing professional legal services related to personal injury and family law matters with honesty and integrity.  Our attorneys and law team are experienced, highly effective and compassionate Atlanta lawyers who vigorously protect the rights of our clients.

The Law Offices of Daniela McCalla, LLC. handles personal injury and family law matters, including:

  • Personal Injury: Through personal injury claims, individuals often have the opportunity to seek compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are pretty common and are a leading cause of personal injury claims.  By law you should be compensated when you are hurt due to the negligence of another driver.
  • Family Law: Changes in your family structure pose many challenges; it’s stressful and emotionally draining.  When facing these issues, you need a family law attorney who can help you find solutions and explain how each solution can help resolve the issues at hand.
  • Divorce: The Law Offices of Daniela McCalla, LLC. is a law firm that focuses on the family.  The family is the universal basis of all human societies and social structures.  So, it is understandable that the breakdown of a familial structure can cause tremendous stress and emotional turmoil.  During your divorce, you need an experienced attorney to advocate for the best interests of you and your family.
  • Child Custody: When you are going through a divorce, the well-being of your children is always an issue that needs to be addressed first.  This issue is very sensitive because the lives of your children can be greatly affected.  Our team has experience in all aspects of child custody.  We are dedicated to protecting your right to play a key role in the lives of your children.
  • Child Support: Even though you may be going through a divorce, parents have to decide how to best support their children.  Our firm focuses on protecting the financial security of the children.  Our team is ready, willing, and able to assist you during your child support case.